Agro Chemicals

img For over 10 years, KIPL has been providing a comprehensive and dependable range of fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and acaricides to provide all round protection to crops. To protect and enhance productivity, KIPL also has the most reliable plant growth enhancers as well as OMRI certified products for organic food. These are sourced from the best sources worldwide.

KIPL’s strategic alliances with a wide array of world leaders enable it to delve deep into their repositories of excellence and expertise for bringing the very latest to the Indian farmers.

Food & Beverages

img KIPL has been highly successful in marketing its juice concentrates internationally and its apple juice nationally. Free from pollution, in the lap of nature’s most ideal environment, Kashmir’s fresh apples form the basis for superior quality, over international Competition. The choicest hand-picked and orchard fresh apples result in the highest quality fruit juice concentrate.

Leaving nothing to chance for concept selling, the product in question is at par with international brands and markets. Exacting standards, stringent quality control and of course, state of the art technology has resulted in the best product – the essence that stands up to the demand, of even the most discerning buyers worldwide.

Meat Products

img KIPL’s goal is to become a perfectly reliable global source of the best quality meat and meat by- products. The Company sources beef products like Omasum, Trachea, Heart, Shoulder Bone, Nose Bone, Tendons and other parts to cater to demanding markets like China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand.

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